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ImpressionsLeft of the dialBlue skiesMundane journeysIn dreams, I cannot escape the moon…Oh I was a bird right then, one day I will be againRetrograde 2Lines / ObstaclesMemories and expectations 360/365The other side 355/365A mistrust of commonality. 353/365Deterioration of expression 350/365Ordered progression - Red. 338/366And the moon shed a single tear. 317/365I only ever wanted to see you happy… 293/365A break in the clouds, deconstructed. 289/365Monolithic baby  281/365For a fleeting moment, I am ruler of the skies, and I am filled with sadness.  178/365Salvation expressed through the metaphor of bird watching.   168/365Quixotic moment, a return to the sea. 143/365