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Walk forward, hand in hand.Out of lineParalysis of Self Doubt.  152/365Salvation expressed through the metaphor of bird watching.   168/365Quixotic moment, a return to the sea. 143/365Second star to the right...Memory slides away, replaced by delusion and fantasy. 157/365At the gateway to the heavens, awaiting the winds.Monolithic baby  281/365A break in the clouds, deconstructed. 289/365I only ever wanted to see you happy… 293/365A kind of in-between. 294/365And the moon shed a single tear. 317/365Scratches at the edge of my mind. 318/365Stare at the wall, wait for it to move.  331/365Complexities arise, patterns degrade. 334/365A memory sometimes needs the rain. 335/365Scratch off. 341/365