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At the end, a fall.At the gateway to the heavens, awaiting the winds.Adrift, embraced by the sun I at last dream.9 hours in are we there yetSecond star to the right...I know not what the future brings, only that it comes...And so he sat and contemplated the stars.Order, for now.Reflection hides meaning.Walk forward, hand in hand.Out of lineIn a moment of reflection, he contemplates, will he ever know love?Simple yet complex, god damn it I don't understand!I stare into the past, and wonder am I doomed to repeat my mistakes or just reinterpretWhy do I keep coming back here?  118/365Four Horsemen.  119/365Impasse 126/365Outsider. 133/365Fade out. 137/365Quixotic moment, a return to the sea. 143/365